We’ve actually gone and done it!

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So… they say talk is cheap. Well, we’ve drunk a lot of coffee and chatted a lot of sh@t about starting a team. If you’d added up all the lattes then its certainly not been cheap and many doubted we’d ever do it. Not even a rainy night at a slippery curbs could dampen the feeling of new kit day and riding the euphoric waves of a cheeky Peroni. Haus Race Team is a official. I say it again, Haus Race Team is official!

So, who are we and what do we stand for?

Well simply put, we’re just big kids that want to use what spare time we have riding bikes as fast as we can with a smile on our face. Life is complicated enough with work, family and bills to pay. Your cycling club does’t need to be complicated and that’s what we’re offering!

We like – Cycling / talking about cycling / overpriced beer in small cans / coffee / making fun of each other

We don’t like – Politics / rules / complications

We offer – Weekly rides / witty banter / #BestKitInThePeloton / Noisy backing at any races

Membership is £16. But join us on a ride and et all envious of our kit before you join – everyone’s welcome

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