Joining Haus Race Team

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So you like the cut of our jib? well joining couldn’t be easier, see below for simple guide on how to join and whats in it for you!

  1. Slide into our DM’s – Facebook / Email / Insta
  2. Join us for a ride and we’ll buy you a coffee
  3. Decide whether you want to join the squad
  4. Cross our palms with 16 gold coins

What you’ll receive;

  • Your own Haus Race Team initials
  • Access to the best kit in the peloton
  • Weekly rides – social and training
  • Race under Haus Race Team banner – with added banter / support / post race beers
  • All the other usual perks of a British Cycling affiliated club


What are you waiting for, if you’ve made it this far you may as well come for a ride!


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